Tuesday, 3 March 2020

New Crime Thriller by Gordon K. Jones Due Out in Fall 2020

I am excited to announce that my publisher, Bookland Press, will be releasing my new crime thriller, Saving Tiberius, in the fall of 2020.

Morgan Watson has a problem. When word leaked that his cat, Tiberius, miraculously cured itself of diabetes and may hold the key to a cure, he’s attacked in his home and almost killed in a bloody fight. 

Newly promoted police detective Paula Rogers has a problem. A strong-willed dedicated officer, she’s put herself in the line of fire protecting them and for the first time is stretching the rules and hiding facts from her superiors. 

The two fiercely independent people find their romantic feelings for each other grow as they search to find who is behind the brutal attempts to get Tiberius before they find themselves entries on the growing list of dead bodies.

Saving Tiberius will be available online at Chapters Indigo, Amazon and at better bookstores near you. More updates to follow.